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Basement Waterproofing And Foundation Repair

Waterproofing a basement is important if a building is constructed at or below ground level. If construction is taking place where the water table is especially high, masonry is at great risk of cracking damage due to the tremendous amount of pressure. A combination of adequate draining and waterproofing strategies will help prevent many foundation problems. New homes can benefit greatly from exterior waterproofing.

Homes built before 1980 received only a degradable covering to help prevent dampness. This method provided only temporary protection and much better techniques and products exist today to safeguard a house from the outside in. Polymer products can completely protect an exterior wall, effectively preventing water from entering a basement. Unlike the earlier products, the polymers are not affected by different levels of pH in the soil, and will last for the lifetime of the structure.

Solid waterproofing in the first place will help prevent costly repairs later. Water leakage in the basement can ruin insulation, drywall, framework, and any other expensive finishing. Sometimes, however, there are factors that can combine to create cracks despite preventive measures. In that case, it is imperative that the building owner pinpoint exactly what has caused the problem and then take immediate action to repair the problem before disaster occurs.

Many conditions can lead to cracks in foundations, basement floors, or a masonry foundation wall. Some cracks result from leakage or the initial settling of a home; sloppy construction can be to blame or the foundation may be subject to undue pressure. Before any attempt is made at waterproofing a crack for repair purposes, it is probably best to consult a professional. A professional can diagnose the cause of the crack and offer the best solutions so that the problem will not recur.

It is essential to keep water from creeping into the basement through the crack and do further damage; waterproofing will repair the fissure quickly and efficiently. One way to waterproof is to use polyurethane foam injections. The foam is injected into the crack in liquid form, allowing the material to fill in the space completely. The liquid interacts with the existing water in the crack, creating foam with up to 30 times the volume of the original liquid that was inserted. Once set, this foam is able to withstand enormous amounts of pressure and bonds securely to the concrete.

The importance of prevention of or timely repair of basement or foundation wall crack repair cannot be overstated. Waterproofing either before or after damage happens saves money and heartache.


What To Consider When Buying An Air Framing Nailer

Before buying any tools it helps to have a basic knowledge of what you intend to purchase. When looking at an air framing nailer, what does one need to know before making this purchase? How is it used, and what is it used for?

Basically this is a type of nail gun. It is used for various types of projects, and it has to be heavy-duty as it will essentially drive nails through wood. Some of the most common tasks such a nailer is used for include framing a house, a garage or shed, as well as for roofing projects.

This tool is convenient as one does not need to use a hammer for nailing tasks. It thus saves a lot of effort and strain. It also enables the nailing to be done more quickly and properly. It is also somewhat safer too since one will avoid hitting his hand with the hammer.

Obviously, one needs to know how to use it properly. It is therefore essential to read the instruction manual and understand all its operations and controls. It is also important to put on safety glasses.

There are several types of air framing nailers on the market. It is important to consider the type of project you will be using it for. It may be helpful to take into account the types of nails that you will be using. These will have an effect on the type of nailer that they will be fed into.

It is best to discuss this with the retailer, who will generally be able to guide you too. Although most nailers will suit different kinds of nails, it is always best to double check as some brands or models may not be suitable for your needs.

The nailer will work by means of compressed air. So make sure that its compressor is of the right capacity for your needs. Another important consideration is with regards to the type of mechanism. The two main categories are the stick framing type and the coil ones. The latter one is generally considered to be more effective as it takes more nails, and so requires less reloading. So for heavy duty and relatively time consuming projects a coil nailer is better. If on the other hand you will be using it only for a few short tasks, you may prefer the stick framing type as it tends to be lighter and less costly.

It is also important that you try out the nailer at the store. Try to lift it and hold it so as to get the feel of it. Also, make sure to consider the brand's reputation and try to compare prices and warranties.


How To Buy A Cordless Tool Combo Kit

Repair tasks are a part and parcel of a residential or a commercial building. Of course it is better to count on a professional to handle commercial repair tasks because of their complex nature but for household repair jobs you can do it yourself since it works out to be cheaper. The best way to tackle these would be to purchase a cordless tool combo kit as repairing work calls for all sorts of tools.

Most of the DIY jobs around the house are of general nature like fixing bulbs, repairing plugs, putting fixtures, assembling furniture and so on. In addition, given the regularity with which these crop up, summoning professional contractors every now and then is neither practical nor financially feasible. Keeping a tool kit at home would not only facilitate quick execution of the task but also ensure its effective and efficient conclusion.

Selecting a cordless tool combo kit is a task which is easier said than done simply because of the number of permutations available in the market. The spectrum starts from basic 2-tool kits consisting of a drill and a saw and stretches to kits featuring as many as 9 tools. When faced with so many choices, the buyer is advised to practice caution and bear a few guidelines in mind prior to taking a final call.

Amongst the various parameters for selection, the foremost entails taking into consideration the size and weight of the tools in the kit. In case of tools bigger size usually means more power and vice versa. Thus if the nature of work is such that power is not an ultimate concern, then a cordless tool combo kit consisting of lightweight and smaller tools would be perfect as it can easily be used for nooks and corners as well.

Type of work for which the tool kit is needed is another important concern while looking for a tool kit because every job has its own specific requirements. Because of their comprehensive nature tool kits are meant to comprise of every kind of equipment which may or may not be useful to everyone. So the onus is on the buyer to select a cordless tool combo kit which is best suited to his individual needs as also the kind of projects he handles.

Talking of cordless tools, since these cannot draw power from electricity, the only other source is batteries. Hence, quality is a seminal factor here since it alone determines the hours of active operation, amount of re-charge and the overall life. Choosing Lithium-ion batteries is strongly recommended as apart from being small and light, these require half the time for charging and last longer as compared to the other varieties.

What is the point in investing in a cordless tool combo kit if it is not durable enough and needs to be replaced every few months? It is but common sense that tools are meant for rough use and are subject to constant wear and tear which is why investing in a durable kit would be a sensible decision as the equipment would last for a long time. There are kits in the market which are well known for this aspect and therefore should be considered.

Last but not the least is the price of the product and in case of cordless tool combo kit the logic of WYSWYG is slightly modified, meaning what you pay for is exactly what you get. Although the temptation to invest in a lower priced assembly is strong, this should be avoided as the tools are usually of inferior quality and do not last long. A better option would be to pay a little more and acquire a top quality set which will endure lifelong.


Your Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Your double bevel sliding compound miter saw is really a useful device for just about any really serious carpenter or household craftsman. A DeWalt DW718XPS double bevel sliding compound miter saw handles the actual level and angle on the saw edge relative to the actual wood. This lets you make notches, grooves and angle slices. Each one of these are useful separately, and when blended can easily produce several really advanced home projects. Here are a few brief samples of things I've done recently.

The simplest way to make use of notches is to interlock pieces of solid wood. Careful use of notches on two by fours for instance, can turn them directly into self supporting racks. Simply cut down 4 parts of 2x4 to 30 inches long for example, after that make use of your double bevel sliding compound miter saw to make a notch of an inch through each side to allow a bit of plywood to slip in. Place 1 bit of 2x4 in every corner, and you have a really quick and easy to make shelf to store things within the workshop or garage. If you want to make higher shelving or multiple levels, just cut lengthier sections of 2x4, and notch at each height interval. For additional support, you are able to use wood epoxy before putting together the shelving. And natural wood is simple to sand, stain and paint to create a more refined and completed appearance if you want. This is a fantastic way to make kids furniture that is actually functional and won't take a lot of time or money.

Grooves are also beneficial. The actual advantage of a double bevel sliding compound miter saw here is, we can make a groove that is lengthier compared to length of the saw blade, by sliding it along as we cut. This is perfect if we wished to create something like an easy entertainment center, by having an open style front and a moving clear glass door. Rather than worrying about hinges and the like, just cut a channel groove along the top edge of the top and base parts, to permit the doorway to slip along in the track. A couple of swift cuts and some sanding allows the doorway to maneuver effortlessly, and provide an extremely enhanced look for our project.

Angle cuts are utilized in a variety of circumstances. Nearly every corner joint is improved upon through chopping the two parts at a forty-five degree angle to join them, be it on a trim piece around a doorway frame or joining the joints of a birdhouse. Angle cuts also help out a lot when building fencing and wooden patios, or redoing stairs.

I have done a number of jobs throughout the house since I bought my own DeWalt DW718XPS double bevel sliding compound miter saw, and i'm very satisfied with it. Two thumbs up without a doubt, it's much easier to make use of and more steady than the usual hand held saw.


Hot vs. Cold Water Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are used in many homes and a large variety of businesses for many reasons. If you have decided that you need a pressure washer, for whatever reason, you have made your first decision. Your next decision will be what type of washer is best for you. There are many different kinds of pressure washers, they can have different power sources (electric, gasoline, diesel or natural gas); different powers, often designated as residential or professional, ranging anywhere from 1000 to 6000+ psi; different sizes, from portable to on wheels that you pull, to large ones that are mounted on a trailer or in the back of a truck, or you can even get pressure washers that are mounted on a wall; finally, you can get one based on the type of water that they use, hot or cold.

Though there is a lot that can be said about any of these different types of machines, today let's just take a look at cold and hot pressure washers, their pros and cons, to help you decide which type will work best. From there you can go on to look at different power sources and sizes when you take the next step in your decision process.

First let's look at cold water pressure washers. Cold washers can either have a tank to carry water or can be hooked up to a regular hose. This means that they can be smaller than hot water washers, and also that they start at a lower price point. These are great for around the home use, things like cleaning vehicles, siding, decks etc. They easily remove dirt and grime, much better than using a standard hose with just a nozzle.

As you can guess, hot water pressure washers are heavier and larger than cold water ones. This is because the machine has to have a tank and a burner to heat the water before it is used. Many hot water machines come on a cart, but there are also large, industrial sized ones as well. The primary reason you would want a hot water pressure washer is because it cleans better, especially any type of grease. You don't wash greasy pans in cold water. No matter how much soap you use, the grease stays. Hot water helps to break down the grease and wash it away. So if you are going to have to clean any grease or oil based products, then you need a hot water unit. Another nice thing about hot water units is that you usually have the option of running cold water instead, which can save on the extra gas needed to heat the water.

Basically, the pros of cold pressure washers are that they can be portable and lighter since they do not have to have water tanks, and they are great for removing every day grime and dirt. And in general they are less expensive. The primary con of the cold, is that they do not clean oil based stains or spills. Therefore, the obvious pro of hot pressure washers is that they have a wider range of cleaning capabilities. The cons are that they are often larger, heavier and more expensive.

So it really comes down to what you need to clean, if you are cleaning a garage floor where you do mechanical work, then you need a hot unit. If you are doing basic grime removal around the house, a cold unit will work. If you are a business, do the same type of evaluation. Once you know whether hot or cold water pressure washers will work best for you, then you can delve into your other options.


More than One Type of Air Compressor

If you are in the market for an air compressor, after doing a bit of research, you will discover that there is more than one type of air compressor available. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best air compressor for you, but knowing what types of compressors are available is a good first step. Here are the basic types that are available, ranging from light weight to heavy duty.

Hand Carry Portable Air Compressor - though features will obviously vary, these machines are generally lightweight and compact since they are designed to be hand carried. These are generally single stage compressors with an oil lubricated pump. A good cast iron cylinder will extend the pump life. A heavy duty steel tank and frame is also desirable, and anti-vibration feet. A pressure relief safety valve is a must and you want to be able to manually drain the air from the tank when you are done. These small units are perfect around the home, whether you get an electric or a gas one. Though, if you are using it for a lot of indoor work, electric would be preferable.

Wheeled Portable Air Compressor - these compressors are also portable, but being bigger, are usually too heavy to carry around, so they are on a base with wheels. A wheeled compressor will normally have a larger tank and operate at a higher psi output than a hand carried compressor. Typically there are two wheels on the back and base legs on the front with a handle. You just lift up the front and pull the air compressor along behind you. You can get these heavy duty machines with either single or two stage pumps, though the two stage is more common in this style since it is good for higher pressures than a single stage compressor. These machines are really good for using around a construction site, or for the rental industry where a lot of continual demand of different sorts is placed upon the compressor.

Stationary Mounted Air Compressor - these can either be mounted on a preexisting tank, or can be purchased already mounted on a steel tank. These come in a whole range of sizes, both the pump and tank size can vary, and are obviously designed to be used where they do not need to be portable. Securing them to the floor or other surface is often a good idea. These are really good in a shop, you just need a long hose and a selection of tools, and you are good to go.

Service Vehicle Air Compressor - these are compressors that are mounted in the back of a vehicle, they are heavy duty for larger jobs, designed for industrial use. Usually available with single or two stage pumps, they should have be belt driven with a larger fly wheel, this helps it to cool quicker and to start up easier. A constant run control is also really nice to have on one of these units. One of these is only needed if you are in an industry that travels and requires an air compressor, such as carpet cleaning.

These are the basic types of air compressors available, though there are also specialty compressors, such as climate control and fire sprinkler compressors. But for home use, a hand carry or wheeled air compressor usually works best. If you need a compressor for regular use in a business, then a stationary or service vehicle air compressor may be what you need. This is just a fist step in deciding what air compressor will work best for you, there are other considerations to take into account before making a final decision.


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